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Bay Area Spa Removal & Demo

Tired of that old spa in your backyard that has not been used in years and is gathering cob webs and rat nests? Well here at Helpful Hands Hauling, we will pull out any size spa from your yard in no time for a very competitive rate. We have removed hundreds of spas and have seen just about every model out there. We know exactly how to cut and dismantle any type of Spa that you have including decks and wooden gazebos that surround them. With our spa removal services in the Bay Area, you can finally have your space back.


Our Process

Our process typically begins with demo of the structure around your spa. Many units are quite large, so we usually cut the spas in half so they fit out of the side gate. Our team is very meticulous about this process and ensures no unexpected damage is done to your property. Once everything is loaded onto our trucks, we do a thorough cleaning of the area we worked. After the spa removal is complete, you’ll have a blank slate to execute whatever new vision you have in mind.

Complimentary Pressure Wash

At the end of the job, we also throw in a complimentary pressure wash of concrete slab where needed. Years of disuse may leave behind a mess once the spa is taken out, so we work hard to rid any surface of mildew and fungus stains that have built up over the years.

That’s Not All

We understand that taking out your spa often goes hand-in-hand with other demolition projects. We’ll take care of the entire outdoor space, which includes the demo of small decks, gazebos, wooden walkways and stairs. We also demo wooden awnings that are above and around spas. If you have a shed that needs to be removed, give us a call. We demo non- structural sheds of all shapes and sizes that are made of wood or metal. We also dismantle and demo yard playgrounds and trampolines.

Book your estimate today or give us a call at 510-427-7240 to ask any questions about our Bay Area spa removal and demolition services.


Any Size Structure Out In No-Time!