Labor, Delivery and Pick-Up Service

We are now offering Labor, delivery and pick-up services for the Bay Area. Have a large item that needs to be picked up from the store or want to be able to get the quantity you need in one haul. Helpful Hands Hauling now specializes in providing labor and pick-ups all over the Bay Area to help you get what you need done. Whether you have a bedroom set  that needs to be moved in a hurry or a bed or couch that needs to be picked up and delivered, we are your solution. Give the hauling pros a call and we will be glad to lend a helping hand to deliver, pick-up or  move anything that needs to be re-located.







Prices for Labor, Delivery or Pick-ups

2 strong men and 15 cubic yard truck: $120 an hour 
Plus base of $65 for gas and travel (gas charge may change depending on location)


Father and son stacking boxes in house