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Junk Removal

Helpful Hands Hauling provides a top notch, fully professional Junk Removal service for residential and commercial properties. Who really has time these days outside of their busy schedules to go to the dumps or recycling centers? Well, leave it to us because that’s our job. Here at Helpful Hands you can count on us to always take your items to the proper facilities because that’s our Green Pledge. Let us make your next cleaning project or remodel go as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Give us a call today!

How It Works

Simply call or text our friendly staff or book here online to schedule a time to receive an upfront no-obligation free estimate. Just point to the items that need hauling away from anywhere in your home or business and we’ll get right to loading upon your approval. Want Savings? Well, look no further because our $75 base and $30 a cubic yard price is one of the lowest yet best services in our industry! Plus save an additional 15% for easily accessible items in a garage, driveway or curbside.

What We Can Take

Helpful Hands takes pretty much anything that two strong men can lift into the back of our trucks.

Household items such as:

  • Mattresses
  • Couches
  • Bed frames
  • Night Stands
  • Dressers
  • Plus much much more 

We also take E-Waste and Recyclables such as:

  • Televisions
  • Appliances
  • Computers
  • Refrigerators
  • Any Metal Items


Construction Debris

Have a remodeling job that is underway  and need to clear out some construction Debris on the spot? We offer Same day Service upon availability so you can get it out quick.

We take all sorts of construction Debris including:

  • Clean Concrete
  • Rubble
  • Stones / Boulders
  • Mortar
  • Tile
  • Roofing Shingles
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Paint Cans (1/2 gallons, 1 gallons, 5 gallon buckets)

Commercial Clear-Outs

Helpful Hands Hauling works with all sorts of companies to clear out and clean-up in a quick and efficient manner. Whether it's shipping and receiving boxes and pallets or old inventory that needs to be cleared out, we have the trucks, the man power and the experience to get the job done quickly. Some of our commercial clients include Property Management, Contractors, Home Organizers, Retail, Real Estate and Renovation companies. Let us handle the dirty work so your company could focus on more important things.

What We Can't Take

Unfortunately there are a few items we can’t take:

  • Dirt
  • Sod
  • Anything cemented to the ground
  • Grand Pianos
  • Huge Boulders/ Stones
  • Huge pieces of concrete
  • Tree Trunks

Also we don’t take hazardous items such as:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Household Batteries 
  • Used Oil
  • Bio Hazard Materials
  • Ammunition


Why Choose Us?

Well, here at Helpful Hands Hauling we understand that every client has specific needs and we are here  to accommodate that. We are a reliable and respectful company that's fully licensed and insured. If you're looking for an environmentally friendly, quick and efficient company that puts its customers first, we are the best choice. We know this industry and know our competitors, and we strive to do things that stand out above the rest. For instance, we always keep our customers in the loop about arrival times and jobs performed, plus the price we quote before a job always stays the same unless items are added. Guaranteed. We will always be Upfront and Friendly about our No-obligation estimates. Our Helpful Hands staff are always careful and respectful of its customers homes and the items that get taken away from it. Give Helpful Hands Hauling  a try and we guarantee you will not be disappointed! Let us be your Junk Removal Solution.


No Jobs Too Big Or Too Small!

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Spa Removal & Demolition

Tired of that old Spa in your backyard that has not been used in years and is gathering cobb webs and rats nest. Well, here at Helpful Hands Hauling we will pull out any size Spa from your yard in no time for a very competitive rate. We have removed hundreds of spas and have seen just about all of them. We know exactly how to cut and dismantle them so you could finally have your space back. We usually carefully cut the spas in half to fit out of the side gate once we demo the structure around it. Then, once everything is loaded on our trucks we do a thourough cleaning of the area we worked. We also throw in a complimentary pressure wash once everything is cleaned up to rid any surface of mildew and fungus stains that have built up over the years.



Thats Not All

Helpful Hands also demo small decks and wooden walkways and stairs. We also demo wooden awnings that are above and around spas. Got a shed that needs to be removed, give us a call. We demo non- structural sheds of all shapes and sizes that are made of wood or metal. We also dismantle and demo yard playgrounds and trampolines.

Any Size Structure Out In No-Time!


Pressure Washing

Did you know Pressure Washing your home is one of the lowest cost home improvements you could do with the highest return on investment. There’s nothing like a beautiful new look to boost the curb appeal of your home. Not only for potential buyers and guests, but to give your home’s paint and exterior longevity and strength against mold and dirt that tends to build up over time. This dirt, fungus, and contamination slowly destroys the exterior panels as it builds up and devalues your property. Helpful Hands is your solution to help protect and increase the value of your home with our fast and affordable house washing system.

Professional & Trained

Our trained staff uses biodegradable cleaners to help clean and protect all surfaces of your home including all types of siding like Wood, Brick , Stucco, Aluminum and more. This, combined with soft brush scrubs where needed and a double rinse gets your surfaces looking clean and new again. As a customary part of our service we always de-web the entire premises first then do a before rinse to loosen up all dirt and debris. Then we follow up with a solution soak to get in deep where brushes and hands cannot reach. Then we follow- up with two phase fresh water rinse to get the surfaces clean and clean again. This technique has proven to be best for us when Pressure washing Home exteriors. We also provide low pressure washing for roofs to help kill algae and fungus with a double treatment of algaecide.

Why Wait?

Call us for your complete full home exterior cleaning project that will help protect and beautify your investment. Plus with Regular cleanings every year, you not only save, but it’s recommended to help prevent mold and fungus from developing thus preventing further erosion and deteriorations and keeping your home looking beautifully new.

Other Areas

Apart from Pressure Washing homes, we also do:

  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Backyard Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Yard rocks
  • Stone décor
  • Parking Lots
  • Store Fronts
  • Pools
  • Wood Lawn Furniture


Your Surfaces Will Be Looking Like New Again!

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Window Cleaning

Ready to give your homes glass that streak free shine that it had when you first moved in? Well, take your homes appearance to that next level with our Interior and Exterior window cleaning Service. Our trained staff here at Helpful Hands will have all the glass in your home or business looking like new again.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team has experience on all types of structures and can clean one and two story homes and buildings with ease. We guarantee a Streak-free , Lint- free 100% Satisfaction Job. Should you need a touch up in between regular visits feel free to give us a call because our customers always come first. We know here that sometimes it’s the little things that set a company apart. Helpful Hands goal is to leave you in awe at how clean your windows look after we are done. Our tried and proven window cleaning techniques, products, and tools get the job done, and done right.

Benefits of Using Us:

1. Improved Curb appeal for your home or business
2. Saves you time of having to wash your windows by hand
3. Removes built up scum, grime, dirt and mold
4. Work is performed by trained professionals with a lot of experience
5. Routine and flexible scheduling can be tailored to fit around your schedule

Always On-time & Ready

Our friendly Helpful Hands crew will show up on-time to your home in clearly marked vehicle so that you know who we are. We will be sure to bring all the equipment we need such as ladders, brushes, wands and squeegees. We will do a quick walk through and assess the quantity and type of windows we will be washing, that way we can come up with an estimate and plan of action that best suits your structure. Our company charges on a Per Panel basis and usually each window has at least two panels. We always keep you in the loop and let you know our plan of action before we get started.

We Clean them All

We clean all types of windows including Double and Single hung, Bay or Bow, Casement, Picture, Transoms, Awnings, Garden styles, Tilt – in or Hopper, Skylights, Egress or Escape styles in the basement, and so on. Whether it’s a one time cleaning or a regularly scheduled one, you can count on the professional staff of Helpful Hands to get the job done right. Your homes glass and frames are in good hands we guarantee it!

A Streak-Free Shine Guaranteed!

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Gutter Cleaning & Inspection

Have you ever noticed rain pouring off sections of your home over your gutters? Well, over time this causes water to run down your homes exterior walls and paint causing deterioration and soggy spots. Leading to costly repairs to the outside and even inside your walls structure.

Here to help

Whether its a one time cleaning or a regular scheduled cleaning and inspection, Helpful Hands Hauling is here to help. Our trained staff will not only clean all your gutters but inspect and make sure water is flowing from all gutters and downspouts. We make sure to blow off any debris from your roof first and when we are finished cleaning and inspecting gutters we do a thourough cleaning and sweep of grounds around home. We will notify you of anything we notice that could be causing more damage to your home. That way you could take the correct first steps in solving an issue that could potentially end up costing you a lot more if disregarded. Let us be your exterior cleaning Solution!

Gutters & Downspouts Will Be Flowing Free Again!



Need to completely Clean-Out and Clean-Up your home before or after a move? Or just want to do a thorough yearly spring cleaning project to help beautify your home and surroundings. Well, Helpful Hands Hauling is your one stop local business that could do that for you.

All @ Once

Our trained staff will have your home completely cleared of unwanted junk, roof and gutters completely cleaned and inspected, exterior brilliantly pressure washed and clean of debris and your windows looking flawless and new agian. All within a day or two your home will be ready to list, enjoy or move in.

This Great Service includes:

1. Junk Removal

2. Exterior Pressure Wash

3. Gutters Cleaned & Inspected

4. Window Cleaning

Combine & Save

When you combine services you save even more! If you just need two out of three services we offer, you save as well. By using Helpful Hands Hauling for your exterior cleaning projects you will not only see a huge difference in the way your home looks but you will feel as if a weight has been lifted but not from your pocket book.

Your Time is Valuable 

Our trained staff will have your home looking awesome in no time. We know deadlines are very important and even if it means staying after hours to get the job done, we will. We always want to be your first pick when choosing a company to provide the services we have to offer because we know the value of referrals and repeat customers. Combined services are priced via on-site estimates only, that way we can work out the plan of action and time-line to best fit your needs and schedule.

Your All-In-One Exterior Cleaning Solution!

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