Junk Removal

Our Prices Based On Capacity:


1/4 Truckload (4 CY)



1/2 Truckload (7.5 CY)



3/4 Truckload (11 CY)



Full Truckload (15 CY)


          Quick Price Comparison:     

          HHH Full Truck $600

1-800-Got-Junk Full Truck $750+

Our Pricing Details:


Most companies try and hide there pricing until there at your home! Not us! Our pricing is always transparent and our estimates are always hassle free! Guaranteed!


Minimum Pick-Up Price: $110- 1 Cubic Yard


$75 Base - Includes Gas and Associated Fees
$35 Per Yard - Covers Labor, Sorting & Disposal Fees
Our Estimates and Booked Appointments are always Free & No Obligation
Our pricing is always ALL INCLUSIVE which means it already includes Taxes, Fees and Labor
Quotes are Offered in the following ways:
Call Or Text Pictures: 1-510-427-7240
Call: 1-800- 817-7882
Simple & Easy

All our professional services are started only upon your approval of estimate first. There will be NO HASSLES or HEADACHES,  just a straight forward transparent pricing estimate with ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN FEES. We try and make this process as easy and friendly as possible because we are here to help. 


Factors that may add to price:
Every job has different factors that come into play and these are always assessed before we get started. Whether it’s a long distance to the truck or three flights of stairs or even crawling into an attic to retrieve items, we will let you know the difference this adds to the price beforehand in the estimate never after. 


Ways to Save: 
We also lower our price per yard by 15% when your items are piled in the Garage, Driveway or Curbside. 
Repeat customers also enjoy $25 off every job including single item pick-ups.
Our trucks are 15 cubic yards total with the dimensions of 8ft X 5ft X 10ft
1 Cubic Yard = 3ft X 3ft X 3ft (Size of one washing machine)



Pricing for different weight classes:

1. Regular Household Items are priced @ $35 Per Cubic Yard + $75 Base
2. Heavier Construction Debris Items are priced @ $45 Per Cubic Yard + $75 Base
3. Heaviest Construction Debris or Rubble is priced @ $100 Per Cubic Yard + $75 Base



Price Examples:

Full truckloads consisting of mainly household items are filled up all the way to top and sometimes a little over with no problem.

Due to weight Restrictions of 2000lbs , heavier construction debris items can only fill our trucks 3/4 of the way full. They are items such as Wood, Drywall, Floor Paneling & Roofing Materials etc.

The Heaviest items consisting of mainly Brick, Concrete, Tile and Mortar can only be filled 1/4 full due to weight restrictions. 


We can take pretty much anything two strong men can lift into the back of our trucks because our trucks have no lifts.


Additional Fees:

We do charge an additional $20 fee for Tires and Mattresses. Refrigerators are an additional $40 each because of Freon inside.


Spa Removal & Demolition

$75 Base: Includes gas & associated fees.

Give us a call to discuss spa removal details: 1-510-427-7240


Price Factors:
1. Size of spa.
2. Difficulty of getting out of yard. (needs to be cut or not)
3. Amount of demolition around spa such as steps, decking, awnings etc.
(demo of decking and awnings around spa will be extra)


Light Scale Demo of these:
1. Sheds made of wood or metal (Non-structural)
2. Small decks
3. Play ground and trampoline deconstruction & Demo


Time to get Ready for Summer
Our demolition and spa removal service is a great way to clear out space for a backyard make over. Free up space for your family and friends to enjoy during the warm months ahead. Our trained demolition crew has removed hundreds of spas from all kinds of properties and have the expertise, know-how and tools to remove yours safely and efficiently.   Let us Clean-up and Clear- out your backyard today and be your exterior cleaning solution.

Pressure Washing

$75 Base: Includes gas and associated fees.


Price Factors:
Square footage of home itself.
Whether its a single or second story home.
Pressure Washing needs and what type of surfaces you will need to get clean.


How its Done
Each pressure wash includes a soap treatment chosen based on surface material and contaminants that need to be removed from surface. After treatment; the surface is double rinsed to rid surface of all debris and contaminants.
We not only clean the Exterior of  homes:
We also clean Walkways, Driveways, Backyard Patio Areas, Wood Decks, Large Stones & Yard Décor and many others.
Due to safety concerns and extensive ladder work; Roofs, Awnings and Gutters have additional fees associated with them.
Pressure washing jobs that need special chemical solutions or extensive time in certain areas instead of our normal pressure washing soaps and time have additional fees that will be reflected in estimate. For instance solutions such as Algaecide and De-Contaminates and Deodorizers are not our usual cleaning solutions and add to the price. Plus, if a certain area is really bad and covered with a large amount of fungus, these areas will take more time then normal and will cost a little extra. We always point this out in our estimates before any work gets started.
Unfortunetly exterior paint does get old and tends to crack. Sometimes if home paint is already old and cracking then this will be pointed out during our on-site estimate and we will only move forward upon your request. We would use a lower Pressure wash on these types of surfaces unless instructed otherwise. Our company will not be held liable for old cracked paint that peels off during a pressure wash; especially after its already been pointed out.
Please let us know if there are any specific needs that need to be addressed before pressure washing begins. For instance, certain spots that need more attention or areas you would like us to use less pressure or skip completely. All of this information will help us to make your pressure washing experience with us a great one.

Junk Removal & Pressure Washing Combo Service

Need everything taken away and cleaned all at the same time? Call us and save! Great for the homeowner or realtor who needs everything done quickly.
The turnaround time for this service largely depends on the size of home and amount of junk needed to be hauled away. 
$75 Base- Includes gas and associated fees.


We price this service by looking at both types of jobs and using our regular pricing for each. Then we add everything up and discount the whole combo package currently by $75.


These estimates are always done On-Site and are Free with No-Obligation.