Our Green Pledge

In this industry we have noticed that there are many companies that claim to be green, but are they really? Here at Helpful Hands Hauling we make a “Green Pledge” to do our part in keeping as much out of landfills as possible.


Through our sorting process of Recycling, Donating and Re-using, we are able to divert more than half of everything we take out of the landfills. By doing this we are not only able to pass the savings on to our customers by having lower dumping costs, but we also help the environment by lowering the volume of debris going back into it. In our line of business, we feel a great responsibility to do what we can to help the environment.


That is why each load that we pick up is sorted and separated. From there items such as wood, yard waste, cardboard, mixed metals, E-waste and even mattresses are taken to separate facilities to be recycled. Other donate-able items such as clothes, linens, furniture, tupperware and other household goods are pulled out and donated to trusted charitable locations.

With over 10 years of built up experience and knowledge in the industry, you could count on us to make sure all items go to the appropriate place. Our day to day operations revolve around these specific duties and we are always striving to figure out better ways to leave less of a footprint. We feel that being able to be Helpful to the environment is being Helpful to our customers, therefore standing by our company name.

We Focus On The Four R's Of Junk Removal

Remove: We remove any items which you may have anywhere in your home or business. All you have to do is contact us with a time and date and will be there GUARANTEED!! Whether your items are in your home or outside, our polite uniformed team will be there to pull them out carefully from anywhere.

Recycle: It really is crazy how many locations there are recycle to your items properly if you just know where they are. Well, with our vast experience with Junk Removal; we have located these locations and use them to help reduce what gets taken to the landfills. When we arrive at your home, the process starts as we began loading our trucks. You see! Our eco-friendly junk removal is not only helpful to your customers but our planet as a whole.

Reuse: After we pull out and sort through recyclables, we then move onto the donatable items. We grab and separate anything anyone can reuse such as bikes, clothing, good furniture, kitchenware and much much more. We then load these items up and take them to trusted donation facilities that we have used over the years. You see, we handle both the sorting and drop off of reusable goods to locations that will get these into the hands of people in need. So it’s really a win win situation when you could clean-up unwanted items and help some else in the process.

Reduce: We all have a part to play in the overall sustainability of our communities and our planet. By using our eco-friendly services, you will proudly know you have responsibly got rid of your unwanted items in the most sustainable way possible. Go ahead! Give yourself a pat on the back for doing your part.