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Keeping a home’s exterior maintained is not an easy task! Especially when you have a full-time job and a family to attend to. The last thing you want to be doing is climbing up a ladder to clean your gutters or hooking up a loud pressure washer. Well, here at Helpful Hands Hauling we completely understand and our full time job is making sure your homes exterior looks beautiful and your spaces are completely cleared. Our trained exterior cleaning experts will have all your outdoor surfaces looking like new again in no time.

Our All-In-One cleaning solution can help anyone that needs to get a residential or commercial property cleaned up quickly and efficiently at a cost effective price. We have helped renters, home owners, realtors, property managers, business owners and even volunteer workers in the first year of our business opening. Our customers save time and money by not having to look up four different companies to do all the same home maintenance services we can provide. On top of that, by using us and bundling our great services together you save hundreds with our multiple service discounts.

Junk Removal

This service includes a top-notch full-service Junk Removal from any part of your home or business. We always make sure to give our customers a call or text when we are on our way so they know our ETA. They say “Your junk is another mans treasure”, well here at Helpful Hands Hauling we always sort and separate our loads to make sure the items that can be donated and recycled are pulled out from every load because that’s our green pledge.

Pressure Washing

This service is a great way to maintain the beauty and longevity of the exterior of your home or business. We use all latest equipment and solutions to wash all your outdoor surfaces so they look nice and new again. Our trained staff will come to your home fully uniformed and equipped to give you a free on-site estimate and get started right away upon your approval. We have pressure washed dozens of homes and have a multitude of happy clients that can not believe their homes could look so good again. So please consider us next time you’re looking for pressure washing in the Bay Area.

Gutter Cleaning

Now that winter is creeping upon us, it is a great time to clean all your gutters of debris and leaves and make sure all your downspouts are flowing correctly. There’s nothing worse than noticing water spilling over the sides of your gutters during a storm right over a walkway or entrance. Plus by cleaning your gutters annually you are preventing further damage and leakage that could seep into your walls and cause rot and mildew. When you give Helpful Hands a call for gutter cleaning in the Bay Area, you can rest assured that we’ll make sure all your gutters, roof, and downspouts are clean and flowing correctly and efficiently again. Guaranteed!

Window Cleaning

Our Window Cleaning service in the Bay Area is one of the best. Our trained window cleaning crew will show up to your home in a clearly marked company vehicle ready to go. You can count on Helpful Hands Hauling to always have the right equipment, ladders and solutions needed to get the job done right. We have one employee that has over twenty five years experience cleaning windows of all kinds and he even has experience on sky rises. He comes to every window cleaning job with our trained crew so you can rest assured your windows are in good hands. We can even work after hours and around your business hours to complete this service without getting in the way. Call Helpful Hands window cleaning in the Bay Area next time you’re ready to give your windows a long lasting shine!

Combine and Save!

Helpful Hands Hauling is standing by to give you a great price for bundling all these great services into one. Let us be your first choice for junk removal and exterior cleaning services in the Bay Area. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded because we take our jobs seriously. We look forward to providing a reliable and professional service you can trust. Give us a call or text 1-510-427-7240 or book here online. We appreciate your time and take care!

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