How To Keep Gutters Flowing

How To Keep Gutters Clean and clear of debris


gutters clogged with leaves - before gutter cleaning

Have you ever noticed rain pouring off sections of your house over your gutters? Well, over time this causes water to run down your homes exterior walls causing deterioration and soggy spots. Leading to costly repairs to the outside and even inside of your wall structures.

Here are a few tips to follow:

1. Have all your gutters replaced if they are worn or old when you move into your new home. This is great thing to do after replacing a roof to keep all water flowing from the top of it correctly.

2. Have screens put over all gutters, especially if your home has a lot of trees around it. This keeps debris from actually entering gutters.

3. Make regular appointments for gutter cleaning at least every 6-12 months. This is a great time to inspect all gutters and make sure all down spouts are flowing as they are supposed to. Plus they clean out any debris inside or on top of gutters.

Signs of Trouble:

Overtime debris such as leaves, small branches and silt from the roof build up and causes flow issues in your gutters making the water stand still. This motionless water causes rust and pin holes that water can escape from through the gutter metal itself.

Usually water flowing over the side of the gutter walls is the first sign of trouble with clogged gutters. Pin holes and cracks in gutters are not always obvious with water streaming down the side of the house but water could be entering directly into the walls of your home.

The best way to avoid this kind of costly damage to interior and exterior walls is to schedule regular cleanings with inspections. This way if there is a problem you could get right on it and replace gutters if need be before any serious damage occurs.

What to look for if you gutters are damaged or clogged:

1. Water streaming down the side of house or water falling off side of roof over gutter. Sometimes this gets overlooked because a lot of people think its just the amount of rain causing it to flow over.

2. Look for any water spots inside of home along wall, on the floors or on roof that usually start to turn color from mold or actual water flowing into home.

3. Make sure down spouts have water flowing out the bottom when raining or when a hose is sprayed down them.

Schedule Regular Cleanings:

Cleanings and inspections are key. Something Helpful Hands Hauling can help you with. Our trained staff will not only clean all your gutters thoroughly but inspect and make sure water is flowing correctly. We will notify you of anything we notice that could be causing more damage to your home. This way you could take the correct first steps in solving an issue that could potentially end up costing you a lot more if disregarded. Let Helpful Hands Hauling be your exterior cleaning Solution!

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