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Bay Area Junk Removal & Exterior Cleaning

Do you need to completely clean out and clean up your home before or after a move? Maybe you just want to do a thorough yearly spring-cleaning project to help beautify your home and its surroundings. Well, Helpful Hands Hauling is your one-stop, local business that can do just that. We provide junk removal and exterior cleaning services to residents in the Bay Area and surrounding cities.

All @ Once

Our trained staff will have your home completely cleared of unwanted junk. Additionally, we can make sure your roof and gutters are completely cleaned and inspected, and our team can perform a brilliant exterior pressure wash to clear away dirt and debris. Our streak-free window cleaning service leaves your glass looking flawless and new again on both the inside and the outside. All within a day or two, your home will be ready to list, enjoy, or move in.

This Great All-in-One Service Includes:

1. Junk Removal

2. Exterior Pressure Wash

3. Gutter Cleaning and Inspection

4. Window Cleaning

Combine and Save

When you combine services, you save even more! If you just need two out of three services we offer, you save as well. By using Helpful Hands Hauling for your exterior cleaning projects, you will not only see a huge difference in the way your home looks; you will feel as if a weight has been lifted without breaking the bank.

Your Time is Valuable 

Our trained staff will have your home looking awesome in no time. We know deadlines are very important and even if it means staying after hours to get the job done, we will. We always want to be your first pick when choosing a company for junk removal and exterior cleaning services because we know the value of referrals and repeat customers. Combined services are priced via on-site estimates only. That way we can work out the plan of action and timeline to best fit your needs and schedule.

Your All-In-One Exterior Cleaning Solution!

Helpful Hands Hauling