About Us

Helpful Hands Hauling was established in 2018 with a true passion to be helpful to others. The owner Daniel Garcia remembers his late grandfather who worked for Oakland Scavenger Waste Management for over 30 years. He dedicated a good portion of his life helping make others lives a little more comfortable just by clearing out their trash cans everyday. Truly more than just a helpful hand! With over 10 years of experience in the hauling industry, through hard work and dedication, Daniel has learned that even jobs such as clean-up can make a huge positive impact on the everyday lives of people around us. This company was created to help make the clear-out and clean-up process as easy as possible for its customers. From start to finish, Helpful Hands Hauling will always focus on professionalism, low prices and great customer service. Thus, demonstrating that Helpful Hands Hauling is not your average hauler.